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  • To create a special limited-edition, hardback version of NOSTOS, Voices for the Journey Home for contributors.
  • To produce, publish, distribute, and promote the trade edition of both NOSTOS and MAENAM.
  • To ignite and encourage Educational and Environmental Awareness through Creative Imagination.


Both books will be published and distributed by Marrowstone Press, dedicating the profits

from the sale of both books to ELEPHANT HEART

NOSTOS, Voices for the Journey Home

MAENAM, Of Water, of Light

NOSTOS, Voices for the Journey Home and MAENAM, Of Water, Of Light are remarkable collaborative books of visual art and poetry. Of NOSTOS, Kathleen Garrett writes: “Timeless and transcendent, the voices in this volume embody reckonings and illuminate resurfacings: a collective emergence from a worldwide pandemic, from racial, economic, and political unrest, from riots and protests, surfacing to the light, singing in texts and images, bearing witness to the journey home and all it represents to each creator, each voice.”


Getting NOSTOS and MAENAM produced and into the world is vitally important to me, so much so that as a special enticement for your support,  I’m offering contributors the opportunity to win BUDDHA’S FLIGHT.

galen garwood, art, poetry

“Buddha’s Flight,” from the Meditation Series, oil on canvas, 21 x 23.5,”  appraised at $3500.00

“Galen Garwood’s art returns like a pilgrim to sacred worlds, to primal places and dreams. In his paintings, light is the light of first mornings, the sun the radiance of all origins, darkness, the coming of night, not a looming catastrophe but a sea or a landscape where illumination is about to happen. His is a generous, questing, visionary art in search of the nearly unnameable mystery of things, the strangeness of being. He paints elegies in praise of the holy.”    Peter Weltner, author and poet

All contributors are eligible for a chance to win!!

* “Buddha’s Flight” will be featured in NOSTOS, Voices for the Journey Home

2nd place winner will receive a signed, personally inscribed, limited-edition hardback copy of

Galen Garwood’s novella BENCH, A Story of Wonder.

Galen Garwood

“Children and adults everywhere will enjoy the seedlings of magic planted throughout the pages of the enchanting tale Bench: A Story of Wonder by Galen Garwood. The story is told by a homeless man and seen through the eyes of a wandering young boy who learns more than he ever thought he would about a bench on the river’s edge. Combining mystery in good storytelling and the effervescence of childhood belief in the incredible comes a beautiful tale of two kindred spirits and the journey that weaves them together.” 

—Jenna Swartz, San Francisco Book Review

3rd place winner will receive the official ELEPHANT HEART Poster,

from the 2016 painting by eight-year-old Hjalmar Boyesen, signed by the artist. 

*The poster will be shipped rolled. The event drawing will be documented in late August, and the winners will be immediately notified.

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